Differentiated PrEP_Mullick_input_final-converted

South Africa – “Taking PrEP online: Project PrEP in South Africa”, Saiqa Mullick (Wits Reproductive Health Institute) (6 July 2020)

SF_13016_Providing PrEP outside of ART clinics_H Alwanga-converted

Kenya – “Providing PrEP outside of ART clinics: Diversifying PrEP delivery for adolescent girls and young women in Kenya”, Habel Alwang’a (PATH) (6 July 2020)

SF_13016_The Kelley-Ross Clinic One-Step PrEP Program_E Tung-converted

United States – “The Kelley-Ross Clinic One-Step PrEP Program”, Elyse Tung (Kelley-Ross Clinic) (6 July 2020)


Ethiopia – “Peer-led approaches for reaching female sex workers with PrEP in Ethiopia”, Fethia Keder (PSI) (6 July 2020)

SF_13016_Vietnam PrEP Plus_T Tran-converted

Viet Nam – “Vietnam PrEP Plus: Online consultation + courier services to reach key populations”, Tham Thi Tran (PATH) (6 July 2020)


Thailand – “Bringing PrEP to key populations in Thailand”, Nittaya Phanuphak (Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center) (6 July 2020)

Viet Nam, Kenya, Eswatini and Thailand – “Going Virtual with PrEP Service Delivery”, Various presenters (PrEP Learning Network) (28 May 2020)

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