Adolescent girls and young women

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DSD in action: Adolescent transitioning clubs in Eswatini (June 2023)

DSD in action: Adolescent transitioning clubs in Eswatini To support adolescents who are ageing into adulthood, the Eswatini Ministry of Health included “transitioning clubs” in their 2022 guideline update. Transitioning…

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24th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022) DSD content

AIDS 2022 - DSD summary slides  IAS DSD programme sessions and preconference at AIDS 2022  For any inquiries about these sessions, please contact us at [email protected]

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Access to DSD for HIV treatment models for pregnant and breastfeeding women and adolescent girls (June 2021)

Credit: Isabelle Corthier/MSF Access to DSD for HIV treatment models for pregnant and breastfeeding women and adolescent girls By Morkor Newman Owiredu, Medical Officer, World Health Organization The  Updated recommendations…

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Best practice examples for key populations

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Differentiated Service delivery for PrEP

According to UNAIDS, “due to the missed HIV prevention targets between 2016 and 2020, an additional 3.5 million people acquired HIV infection and will require HIV treatment for life”. Important…

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Community voices on PEPFAR COP 2021

PEPFAR Watch is a growing network of civil society organisations, activists, and data analysts working together to ensure greater accountability of PEPFAR to the communities it serves. PEPFAR Watch works…

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DSD for HIV treatment – national policy dashboards

In 2020, many countries adapted and expanded differentiated service delivery (DSD) for HIV treatment to meet the challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the world, countries released interim policies…

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An interview with Dr Lazarus Momanyi

Putting the client at the centre “The need to have continuous engagement with women and girls of childbearing potential to enable them to have information on all FP options and…

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AIDS 2020: Virtual – DSD ‘Road Map’

The International AIDS Society’s Differentiated Service Delivery (DSD) team put together this document, which identifies satellite sessions, symposia, oral abstract sessions and e-posters presented at AIDS2020: Virtual that are relevant to DSD.…

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