DSD for HIV prevention

DSD can be applied to HIV prevention. One example of DSD for HIV prevention is the provision of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). 

Whilst at least 78 countries now offer PrEP, we failed to meet UNAIDS global target of three million active PrEP users by the end of 2020. AVAC’s Global PrEP tracker estimated that just over 773,000 people were accessing PrEP by the end of September 2020.  


A DSD for HIV prevention approach to PrEP adapts the building blocks in order to support initiation and early PreP as well as maintenance on PrEP. Using the building blocks, PrEP services can be separated into i) PrEP screening, initiation and early follow-up (0-3 months) and ii) PrEP continuation (3+ months). 

Differentiated PrEP service delivery: Country policy development brief

Differentiated pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) service delivery. Key considerations in developing policy guidance for differentiated PrEP service delivery (IAS) (2022)

This brief is intended to support countries to develop and include differentiated PrEP service delivery in their national HIV operational guidance.

Prevention models in action

Peer-led approaches for reaching female sex workers in Ethiopia

Presented at AIDS2020: Virtual by Dr Fethia Keder, PSI International

In Ethiopia, PrEP was piloted at drop-in centres (DICs), which provide female sex workers with comprehensive HIV care and treatment services.   These service users have now become ambassadors for PrEP, working through existing peer-educator community sexual and social networks to find and reach those not yet served by the health system.

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Community-led PrEP delivery for men who have sex with men and transgender people in Thailand

Presented at AIDS2020: Virtual by Nittaya Phanuphak, Institute of HIV Research and Innovation

In Thailand, key population-led health services (KPLHS) are services that are identified, designed and delivered by trained members of key populations and other lay health providers.  Services include PrEP counselling, HIV and STI testing and dispensation of free PrEP. 

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Taking PrEP online: Project PrEP in South Africa

Presented at AIDS 2020: Virtual by Dr Saiqa Mullick, Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute 

Project PrEP aims to strengthen demand, uptake and retention for comprehensive HIV prevention services, including oral PrEP, among adolescent girls and young women in South Africa.

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DREAMS Virtual PrEP delivery for adolescent girls and young women, fisherfolk and key populations

Read about the DREAMS programme in Kenya here.  

PrEP for young women in Uganda and Kenya

Read about POWER PrEP, a PrEP delivery programme offered through the SEARCH study in Uganda and Kenya here.

Pharmacist-managed OneStep PrEP in the USA

OneStep PrEP® is pharmacist-managed HIV PrEP clinic founded in 2015 and located at an independent pharmacy in Seattle, USA.

Read more about the OneStep PrEP programme here

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