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PrEP policy change in Thailand: Taking a huge step backwards (March 2023)

Rena Janamnuaysook, Institute of HIV Research and Innovation, Thailand, writes: Key population-led organizations have historically been a major contributor to the success of PrEP rollout in Thailand [1]. Over 80%…

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DSD in action: Improving key populations’ access to HIV testing and prevention services in Zambia. An interview with Linah Kampilimba Mwango and Henry M Sakala, Ciheb Zambia (Nov 2022)

In Zambia, the social network testing strategy has been an effective way to influence uptake of health services among hard-to-reach key populations Copyright: Ciheb Zambia We spoke with Linah Kampilimba…

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Zimbabwe Operational and Service Delivery Manual & Job Aide

The Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Care updated its Operational and Service Delivery Manual for the Prevention, Care and Treatment of HIV in Zimbabwe in December 2022. Chapter 2 covers the…

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24th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022) DSD content

AIDS 2022 - DSD summary slides  IAS DSD programme sessions and preconference at AIDS 2022  For any inquiries about these sessions, please contact us at [email protected]

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Reflections on AIDS 2022 from a differentiated service delivery perspective (September 2022)

Nittaya Phanuphak at AIDS 2022, Montreal, Canada. By Nittaya Phanuphak, Executive Director at the Institute of HIV Research and Innovation, Bangkok, Thailand The current state of differentiated service delivery (DSD)…

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The science of differentiated service delivery: Where we are and where we’re going

The science of differentiated service delivery: Where we are and where we're going AIDS 2022 satellite, 1 August 2022 Over the past decade, research on the benefits of differentiated service…

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