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AIDS 2022: DSD Pre-conference and Satellites

AIDS 2022, the 24th International AIDS Conference will take place from 29 July - 2 August in Montreal, Canada, and virtually. IAS – the International AIDS Society, through its Differentiated…

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Differentiated service delivery for HIV during COVID-19: Lessons and opportunities – launch of JIAS supplement

This webinar, hosted on 27 October by IAS – the International AIDS Society – showcased the upcoming launch of the supplement through presentations of the latest science and lessons learned…

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DSD for key populations

Despite progress in many aspects of the response to HIV, HIV related stigma and violations of human rights persist in undermining the effectiveness of prevention, treatment, care and support services…

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Best practice examples for key populations

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Differentiated Service delivery for PrEP

According to UNAIDS, “due to the missed HIV prevention targets between 2016 and 2020, an additional 3.5 million people acquired HIV infection and will require HIV treatment for life”. Important…

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Community voices on PEPFAR COP 2021

PEPFAR Watch is a growing network of civil society organisations, activists, and data analysts working together to ensure greater accountability of PEPFAR to the communities it serves. PEPFAR Watch works…

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COVID-19 webinar series

Click on the banners below to view archived recordings and slides from COVID-19 and HIV webinar series and events, which featured DSD approaches.

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