When PrEP programming started in Cameroon in 2019, Humanity First Cameroon was among the first organizations involved in implementation. In addition to raising awareness among potential beneficiaries through educational talks and interviews, as well as on social networks and dating sites for men who have sex with men, HFC created a WhatsApp group, facilitated by peer educators and staff of the CARE CHAMP team, where clients on PrEP can discuss their concerns and questions.

The CHAMP peer educators were trained in HIV screening and self-testing in order to offer community testing. All clients who test negative are provided with information about PrEP and are referred to HFC.

For the first three months after initiation, PrEP refills are made monthly. Thereafter, if the clients are adhering well, the clinician provides them with a quarterly PrEP refill. Peer educators conduct adherence monitoring through home visits and phone calls.

HFC offers a range of other services, including condoms, HIV/STI screening, medical consultations, psychosocial support, community antiretroviral therapy delivery and legal advice.


PrEP initiation and adherence support for men who have sex with men