The 13th Paediatric-Adolescent Treatment Africa (PATA) summit was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 23-25 October. It brought together more than 200 delegates, including 110 frontline health providers from 15 sub-Saharan African countries. The theme was Towards an AIDS Free Africa – Delivering on the Frontline and brought together policymakers, programme implementers and frontline healthcare providers to share best practices in case finding, differentiated service delivery and resilience-building. The three days were centred around the theme: “Find, Treat and Care” with plenary presentations, examples from the country teams and facilitated discussions among stakeholders. Presentations related to differentiated care can be downloaded below. 


Presentation slides by Ahimbisibwe Allan (EGPAF) on Using differentiated service delivery models to scale up testing and case identification among children and adolescents (October 2017)


Presentation slides by Anna Grimsrud on Defining differentiated care across the HIV continuum (October 2017)


Presentation slides by Immaculate Monica Awor on Unfinished business: Index testing to find and link HIV positive children and adolescents into care (October 2017)


Presentation slides by Naiga Fairuzi on Waiting efficiently: Implementing differentiated service delivery models has reduced client waiting time (October 2017)


Presentation slides by Ruth Henwood on Youth Care Clubs (YCCs): An adolescent & youth-friendly HIV treatment & care model (October 2017)