Malawi’s MoH revised its 2014 clinical HIV management guidelines in May 2016 (3rd edition). These guidelines retain stable patient service differentiation, which was introduced in the previous guideline. ART refill periods are aligned with clinical reviews, which take place 3 monthly for adults and children on 1st-line regimens (with the option of considering 6-12 month ART refills in special circumstances, such as long distance travel) and 2 monthly for stable clients on 2nd-line regimens. ART refill collection by persons other than the client is limited to registered guardians or treatment supporters. Viral load monitoring is done at 6 months on ART, 2 years on ART and every 2 years thereafter. Only health care workers and pharmacy personnel are allowed to dispense ART, and that ART cannot be distributed outside of certified ART health facilities. IPT and CPT refill periods are aligned with ART refill periods.


Guidelines on clinical management of HIV in children and adults for Malawi