“Expanding access to PrEP through differentiated service delivery: Lessons from COVID-19 adaptations”

AIDS 2022 Satellite session, 30 July 08:00 – 09:00

Differentiated service delivery (DSD) has the potential to improve access to and uptake and effective use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention. Particularly during COVID-19, impressive adaptations were made to PrEP service delivery in many countries to ensure continued access as well as new initiations – highlighting the benefits of simplified and differentiated PrEP service delivery. This satellite showcased how a DSD approach to PrEP has expanded uptake and accelerated implementation in different contexts and populations. Building on the 2022 WHO technical brief on simplified and differentiated service delivery for PrEP, a series of case studies illustrated adaptations before and during COVID-19, such as community-based PrEP services, including at-home delivery and pharmacy pickups, HIV self-testing, and virtual interventions. This session convened implementers, advocates, policy makers and researchers to share their differentiated PrEP service delivery experiences towards increasing PrEP uptake, continuation, and effective use, as well as to ensure PrEP programme resilience going forward.

This satellite was co-organized by IAS – the International AIDS Society – and the World Health Organization.



AIDS 2022 DSD PrEP satellite – all slides

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