Community-based points of ART distribution (PODI), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

In 2016, DRC adopted “test and treat”, leading to overwhelming clinic caseloads for healthcare workers, as well as extreme waiting times for patients at overburdened clinics. In two provinces in south-eastern DRC, community-based points of ART distribution called PODI (points de distribution), an out-of-facility individual model, were introduced and offered to clients, along with two other treatment models. 
Impact: Three PODI sites were established, supporting 1,848 client who are established on ART. High rates of retention have been observed (94.9% at six months, 89.3% at 12 months and 82.4% at 24 months) and transport costs have been reduced by two-thirds. The waiting time for a PODI ART refill is 12 minutes, compared with 85 minutes in the hospital. 


15 years or older, 12 months on ART, virally suppressed, no opportunistic infections in the past three months.  Pregnant women are not eligible.

Building Blocks

ART refills


ART refill 
TB screening 
Adherence check 
Peer support 


3 monthly 


PODI (community based) 


Expert client (person living with HIV) Doctor 

Clinical consultation


Clinical assessment 
Laboratory investigations 




Health facility



Variations for Specific Populations 

Further information and resources

Tools for implementation and additional resources

Tools for Implementation:

Providing antiretroviral therapy for mobile populations: Lessons learned from a cross border ARV programme in Musina, South Africa (July 2012)

The TASO Community Drug Distribution Points (CDDP) Model

Additional Resources:

Retrospective review of task-shifting community-based programs supporting ARV treatment and retention in Uganda (2016)

Reaching Closer to Home (December 2013)

CCMDD model presentation by South African NDOH

Health Workforce “Innovative Approaches and Promising Practices” Study (2006)

Guideline for Incorporating New Cadres of Health Workers to Increase Accessibility and Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy (2007)