Workshop report

DSD for chronic conditions beyond HIV Workshop Report (2023)

A workshop convened by IAS – the International AIDS Society in December 2023 in Harare, Zimbabwe, on implementing differentiated service delivery (DSD) models for clients established on treatment across chronic diseases


Clinical HIV guidelines (2022)

Malawi Standard Treatment Guidelines (2023)

Clinical Guidelines for management of chronic non-communicable diseases (2022)

Publication: Expanding access to non-communicable disease care in rural Malawi: outcomes from a retrospective cohort in an integrated NCD–HIV model (Wroe E et al, 2020)


Guidelines for HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care (2020)

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Expansion of a national DSD model to support people living with HIV and other chronic conditions in South Africa

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Publications: Hypertension and SPCs

Addressing failures in HTN control through simplified treatment algorithms

Cost analysis HEARTS HTN control primary care Ethiopia

Landscape of team-based care to manage hypertension LMICs

Workshop presentations – Day 1

DSD: The fundamentals (Helen Bygrave, IAS)

How do the World Health Organization’s 2021 hypertension guidelines enable DSD for hypertension? (Taskeen Khan, WHO)

INTE-Africa study – integration of HIV, hypertension (HTN) and diabetes mellitus (DM) within a chronic disease service (Gerald Mutungi, Uganda)

Delivering a chronic care service: the Malawi experience (Noel Kasomekera, Malawi)

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DSD guidance for chronic disease: Resolve to Save Lives toolkits (Kufor Osi, Resolve to Save Lives)

Additional resources

Cardiovascular diseases. Under pressure – Hypertension Medicines Report (Resolve to Save Lives) (2022)

Guidelines for the pharmacological treatment of hypertension in adults (World Health Organization) (2021)