Join IAS – the International AIDS Society – for three DSD satellite sessions at the 21st International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA 2021), held virtually and in-person in Durban, South Africa, on 6-11 December.

Find out more about the sessions below. Resources from the sessions will be made available by mid-December 2021.

For any inquiries about these sessions, please contact us at [email protected].

Differentiated service delivery for HIV treatment: Updated World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and implementation in Africa 

Date: Monday, 6 December; Time: 10:40-11:25 GMT +2

Using real-life case studies, this satellite encouraged uptake and operationalization of WHO’s new guidelines across Africa.


Session slides

Coming soon: Session recording

Differentiated service delivery for HIV in Africa during COVID-19

Date: Thursday, 9 December, Time: 08:45-9:30 GMT +2

This session showcased the latest science from Africa, published in the October 2021 supplement of the Journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS), “Differentiated service Delivery for HIV during COVID-19: Lessons and opportunities”.


Session slides

Session recording

Differentiated service delivery for HIV testing and treatment: Current state of implementation and need for scaling up in Africa

Date: Thursday, 9 December, Time: 15:27-16:12 GMT +2

Co-organized by UNAIDS and the WHO, this session highlighted how DSD for HIV testing and treatment has supported countries in reaching 95-95-95 targets and called attention to important policy shifts and innovations for implementation and scale up.


Recording: People-Centered Differentiated Service Delivery Beyond 2021 (Ani Shakarishvili, UNAIDS)

Recording: Implementation and Research Opportunities for Differentiated Service Delivery (Anna Grimsrud, IAS)

Recording: Progress of DSD Implementation in Ghana (Anthony Ashinyo, National AIDS/STI Control Programme, Ministry of Health, Ghana)

Recording: The CQUIN DSD Learning Network (Miriam Rabkin, ICAP at Columbia University)

Recording: Implementation of DSD in Mozambique (Hélder Macul, Technical Advisor for DSD, National STI-HIV/AIDS Programme MOH Mozambique)

Recording: DSD in 2021: Where are we now? (Nathan Ford, World Health Organization)