On 16 September 2020, the HIVTB Implementation for Impact Working Group co-hosted  a call with the World Health Organization and Treatment Action Group, which focussed on TPT within differentiated service delivery models for HIV in the time of COVID-19. 

The session was co-chaired by Anna Grimsrud (International AIDS Society) and Lynette Mabote (Treatment Action Group) and included five speakers.

1. Introduction to DSD and TPT (Miriam Rabkin, ICAP at Columbia University)

2. TPT within Fast track models in Zambia (Muhau Mubiana, CIDRZ Zambia)

3. TPT within community-based models in Uganda (Bakashaba Baker, TASO Uganda)

4. TPT within DSD models in Zimbabwe (Esnath Manhiri, ZNNP+)

5. PEPFAR experience with TPT and DSD (Brittany Moore, CDC)

Access the presentations below.