PEPFAR Watch COP 21 technical webinar series

The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is the largest source of funding for the HIV response globally. It is critical that this money is used in accordance with the needs of people living with HIV and other affected communities. In order to ensure this, it is important to work with other activists ahead of the COP planning process cycle to develop a priority list of recommendations to demand from PEPFAR. This will be the basis of what civil society demand from the PEPFAR teams throughout the COP cycle.

In order to support civil society in this process the PEPFAR Watch network is holding a series of webinars in January and February 2021 in order to assist in defining the technical detail on community priorities. 

Below are webinar slides and related resources.

PEPFAR Watch COP 21 technical webinar series (13 January - 4 February 2021)

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Webinar - Improving the roll out, uptake and retention of PrEP in COP 21 (AVAC, CENTA, TALC) (3 February 2021)

Presentation slides

Webinar - Prioritizing interventions for adolescent girls and young women (AVAC, CHANGE, ICWEA, and TAYOA) (2 February 2021)

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Webinar - Using Data for Advocacy (Health GAP, amfAR, George Town University) (27 January 2021)

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Webinar - Good COPs or Bad COPs: Promoting Interventions for Co-Infections and Advanced HIV Disease in 2021 PEPFAR Country Operational Plans (COPs) (Treatment Action Group, Health GAP, MSF Access Campaign) (21 January 2021)

Webinar recording

Webinar - Improving HIV retention - how do we get more people to start and stay on treatment? (Ken Mwehonge; Anna Grimsrud, Maureen Milanga) (14 January 2021)

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Webinar - HIV testing strategies. implications for programs now and in COP21 (Austin Jones, Brian Honermann, Kevin Fisher, Sharonann Lynch) (13 January 2021)

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RESOURCE - Measuring up: Tracking PEPFAR's accountability to people living with HIV 2020-21 (PEPFAR Watch) (2021)

A report by HealthGap/PEPFAR Watch that shows how PEPFAR is delivering against community demands and recommendations

RESOURCE - Rough Guide to Influencing and Monitoring PEPFAR Country Programs (PEPFAR Watch) (2021)

Updated 2021 edition of a tool to help activists to watchdog the world’s largest source of funding for the global HIV response where it matters most