AIDS 2022 Pre-conference meeting: Differentiated service delivery for HIV treatment in 2022. 

Thursday, 28 July, 09:00 – 12:30 EDT, Montreal, Canada (and virtually)

In line with the AIDS 2022 conference theme “Re-engage and follow the science”, this three-hour preconference will spotlight the important role of DSD in supporting HIV treatment continuity and re-engagement in care of people living with HIV who have experienced treatment interruptions. In 2020, many countries adapted and expanded DSD for HIV treatment to meet the challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the world, countries released interim policies expanding eligibility for DSD, antiretroviral therapy (ART) refills and prescriptions and recommending community-based models.
Over two years into the pandemic, it is now time to bring together stakeholders in the global and local HIV response to reflect on lessons learnt and the way forward to better support people living with HIV to continue their treatment and re-engage in care.
In this three-part pre-conference, opening presentations will outline the current state of DSD for HIV treatment in 2022 in terms of the global and country policies, evidence and implementation. Speakers will highlight the critical role that DSD for HIV treatment played in response to addressing COVID-19 challenges. Many of these COVID-19 adaptations unlocked previous barriers to DSD implementation, at least temporarily. Further, data will be shared to highlight which policies to support DSD should be updated, both in terms of making COVID-19 emergency measures “the new normal” and in terms of adopting updated DSD recommendations made in the World Health Organization’s updated HIV guidelines, published in 2021.
While tremendous gains have been made, there are considerable opportunities for DSD to support successful service delivery model transitions and improve sustained re-engagement for those who return to care after periods of disengagement. In the second and third parts of this pre-conference, opportunities for further innovation will be outlined and attendees asked to engage and contribute to shaping a collaborative way forward.
For any inquiries about the pre-conference meeting, please contact us at [email protected]